RELATE2ANIMALS offers telepathic animal communication, Reiki energy healing and pet photography services.  



Robin charges $60/hour that she spends with you and your animal family.  Her fee is prorated up or down depending on the length of the session.  There is no additional charge for multiple animals - although for animal communication the more animals involved the longer the session will generally take.  


Please talk to Robin when scheduling your appointment about your goals and budget to determine a timeframe appropriate for you.


Several times a year she offers mini-communication sessions at The Urban Carnivore - 20 minutes for $25.  

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Where to Find Us:

22464 Clarksville Rd

Lexington, IL 61753

Phone: 309 838-8956

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Appointments by phone or in person - weekdays after 4:15 p.m. and occasional weekends.   

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